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Tokyo Day 4 – More Exploring

Tokyo Day 4 – More Exploring

By on Feb 4, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (2018) | 2 comments

Today we needed to conquer phase 2 of the subway, transfers. What better way than a trip to Walmart to get some base items for possibly cheaper (at least in China it was) – in Japan Walmart owns Seiyu. Read my next post as I will explain the main differences in the subway between Tokyo and Shanghai. We spent a little time at the local station trying to understand the transfer process in terms of buying a ticket but we managed to figure it out and off we went.

Typical morning temperature the last few days has been 2C, going up to 8C in the sun by afternoon.

It was pretty easy to find and like Shanghai, had multiple floors. The prices were a little better than the local store, especially for things like bread. I was hopping to find a large bag of oatmeal but they only had smaller bags. As you can see from the last picture all the food cost us ¥7031 (~$79).

We came back to our apartment and put the groceries away. We then went for another walk in our neighborhood. A neat thing at the cross-walks, they have dots that signal how much longer you have to walk. The sides start with all the dots showing and slowly disappear to nothing and the walk turns to red. The last image there is a TV studio that they were recording live. Tammy managed to smash right into the glass wall as they were filming – I feared the whole glass wall would come down 😉

We made a quick stop at our first Starbucks to get the girls a drink.

It was around 12;30pm so we decided to head to another park near Shibuya. Another change to take the metro. It was very busy which was expected for a Sunday afternoon. We toured the Meiji Jingū Inner Garden. It requires a payment of ¥900 (¥500 for me and ¥200 for Kaelyn and Tammy – ~$10). It was very relaxing and when spring comes, the iris field would be amazing to see. We saw a traditional tea house and the wishing well.

When we done, we decided to walk back to the Shibuya station and do the shrine another day. On the way back, we came across the local Disney store.

Here is an example of the busyness of this area:

We finished the day with a pasta dinner.



  1. Love all the pictures. Nice that kaelyn has the weekends off so she gets to see all the sights.

    • Yes it gives us time to explore.

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